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Zest and gusto

Waking up with no zest.. Programmed routine authoratively vest! Melonchaly seeking rest, With your life are you impressed? Midst of pattern if you wish to add gusto Then venture open a new creative door.. Find passion, find hobbies or Unidentified avenues you wish to explore! You are no robot,  Life is not a directed plot... Infuse to life zest and gusto you've forgot And wake up each morning like you won a jackpot!!!!!!!! 

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I often say..

My heart is not a toy!


Existing through my anotomy.

Lustrous cubic zirconia.

Another lovely weekly challenge by @writers_united, describing 2020 in 5 emotions, one emotion per day. I found this challenge so theuraptic, to like capture this epic year in a nutshell through my expressions, I have to say I did enjoy this a lot!!

Facing fears

Image in my mind.

Weekly chllenge:JUNK

Enormous Emotions.

Flying trees, amidst cloud!

Breaking walls...

Captain of our own ship!

Be your own princess.